Stokes: Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives. Part 4

Our series of Local People, Local Stories, Local Impact, continues with Stokes County resident Janna Kiger. She is a young adult who is a part of the high-risk population for COVID-19 due to complications from Type A flu in 2019 that required open heart surgery.

  1. Why are you concerned about COVID-19 in Stokes County? 
  2. Why is it important to the at-risk population of Stokes County to take precautions regarding COVID-19? 
  3. What is something positive you have seen in midst of chaos of COVID-19 as we navigate this together?

‘In March of 2019 I ended up at  multiple hospitals including Duke University Hospital for 3 months because of Type A flu attacking my heart and lungs shutting down every organ in my body. I was put on complete life support. I am often asked if I had a flu shot prior to becoming sick and the answer is yes, every year. My doctors say that it helped me survive. That being said my past situation has really opened up my eyes to sickness and how quickly things can change, even among young healthy people.

During the last few weeks of COVID-19 being on the rise I have been on high alert and taking all the necessary precautions to help slow/stop the spread of this virus. I have avoided close contact with people, I have made sure I do proper hand washing and I have chose to quarantine myself.

Another reason why it is so important for myself and others to take these precautions so seriously is to help protect those who do have to work. My fiancé is a fireman and continues to work through this pandemic. I also have a brother who is a physical therapist, he is in contact with people daily.

I pray that his patients are honest with who they may have been in contact with, if they have any symptoms, and if they have been in quarantine. It is important that we think of each other during this.

My family has seen how devastating an acute sudden illness can be. I personally would not want to be the one responsible for causing someone else to contract such a terrible sickness.

I believe as a community we have really stepped up and worked together to help minimize the spread COVID – 19. Our community is small but we have rallied together once again and grown closer by helping one another in these times. It is uplifting to see so many people helping in so many ways.

I pray for healing and comfort for everyone. I pray for protection for the ones that are having to work. I pray that we can do our preventative part as a community and then let go of our fears and let The Lord handle this crisis.’

Janna Kiger, Stokes County resident and young adult who is high risk for COVID-19.


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