These videos will help parents, guardians and caregivers of youth understand the danger of unsecured prescription medications in the home.

Always secure prescription medications out of sight and out of reach of children, youth, teens and any guests in the home. Do your part to reduce medication misuse.

Medication Drop Boxes in Stokes County

City of King Police Department
621 Ingram Drive
King, NC 27021
Phone: 336-983-0886
Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Stokes County Sheriff’s Office
1012 North Main Street
Danbury, NC 27016
Phone: 336-593-8787
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm

Stokes County Sheriff’s Satellite Office
Town of Walnut Cove
208 West 3rd Street
Walnut Cove, NC 27052
Phone: 336-593-8787
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm


Operation Medication Drop Totals for 2020 for stokes

Drug overdose deaths continue to increase in the United States. From 1999 to 2017, more than 702,000 people have died from a drug overdose. In 2017, more than 70,000 people died from drug overdoses, making it a leading cause of injury-related death in the United States. Of those deaths, almost 68% involved a prescription or illicit opioid. To see the three waves of opioid overdose deaths click here.

North Carolina Opioid Dashboard:

  • Number of opioid pills dispensed in Stokes County: 1,902,000
  • Number of opioid pills dispensed in 2018 in Stokes County: 3,621,000
  • Number of EMS naloxone administrations: 34
  • Number of Emergency Department visits for opioid overdose: 25

(Above information will be updated as information is released)