COVID19: Managing Stress

Managing Stress

When you cut your finger, you clean the cut, apply pressure to stop the bleeding and might even grab a cute Mickey Mouse or Cinderella band-aid to cover it up to prevent infection.

But how do you deal with stress? There is not really a band-aid for that.

A great way to combat stress is to balance life with activities that do not bring you stress.  What are those activities for you?

Is it an intense cycling class, participating in a book club, or is it going on a nature walk? Is it crafts, meditation, spending time with a pet?

Before COVID-19, many of us had those activities that we did out of habit that brought us joy in some way or another that we may no longer be doing.

Have you created a substitution yet?

Consider starting a list of things you enjoy, make you smile, or can easily take your mind off of the stressor.

Maybe it was something you did 10 or 20 years ago, or even something you did just 6 months ago.  How can you bring that JOY back into your routine?

Different self-care activities:

  • Playing Music while you work
  • Setting a timer to get up and walk every hour
  • A stretch break during the day or in the morning before your daily routine begins
  • Setting a timer to end your work-day
  • 5 minute meditation videos

Take care of yourself, and each other.

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