Stokes: Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives. Part 7.

We continue our series of Local People, Local Stories, Local Impact with Patti Snyder. She is a new mother, a Stokes resident and Family and Consumer Science Agent for Stokes County Cooperative Extension.

What are you and/or your agency doing here in Stokes County to address COVID-19?   

Our mission is to extend research-based information to the citizens of Stokes County. During COVID-19 our mission is still the same and we will continue to deliver knowledge that can be transformed into solutions that improve our community. 

It is still important that we deliver relevant and trustworthy information to our citizens, but what has changed is how we deliver our information. We are working diligently to provide our community with knowledge through virtual platforms instead of face-to-face interactions. This way we are being good stewards of social distancing but still serving our community. 

We have also transformed the Feed Stokes 5k/Half Marathon Race to an online platform. For those that have registered for the race, they can sign up for free and compete with others.
If you are not registered and would like to compete you can go to our facebook page, Feed Stokes 5k/Half Marathon and register.
All proceeds are split up between the three Stokes County Food Banks

Going from face-to-face contact to all online, is strange. Thankfully we have great organizations in the County who have each other’s backs. I have worked with so many great organizations to continue to provide content for our communities.

So far I have partnered with Cardinal Innovations to post line dancing videos and made bread in a bag with Stokes Arts Live. Additionally, myself and the City of King Parks and Recreation Director have taken our Friday morning walking group virtual as a way to encourage people to get outside and continue exercising.  

I have continued to send out resources to our teachers who were participating in our Steps to Health programming by sending out videos that they can send to the students. The children may not be in the schools, but this is no reason for them to stop learning about healthy foods and how to grow your own food.

Each week I plan to post information on our website that is helpful to our citizens of Stokes County. Click here to visit Stokes County Cooperative Extension.

Why is it important that our community take these measures?

I find it to be important to take the recommended measures, like social distancing, to keep ourselves and others safe. Personally, I have a young child at home, so following current recommendations helps reduce the risk of jeopardizing her health as well as mine.

What is something positive you have seen in the midst of chaos of COVID-19 as we navigate this together?

I have really enjoyed seeing more children and families playing outside. I have seen families start planting gardens, which for some may be a completely new hobby. I think it is exciting for them to explore new talents, like gardeningI know one positive for my family is we have found the time to do all of those home remodel projects we always talked about!

patti snyder, Family & consumer science agent, stokes cooperative extension
For more information about Family and Consumer Science programs available in Stokes County click here.

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